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Not too good at updating, am I?

Uuuhm, bleh. Started college. Gamedesign and Graphics. I moved, got my own apartment now. It's messy. Broke my cellphone. Thank fuck for internet.

A bit scared to make contact with my classmates. Damn.

First class in concept design and introduction to stuff on monday. My birthday's tomorrow. I'll be spending it alone, boohoo. Oh well. I hope I can take the effort to go to the library downtown and borrow a few books I've been wanting to read a loooong time.
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a new crush; a new layout

Got sick of the old layout. Eh. For some reason I'm kind of inlove with the movie Deadgirl.
Especially the image with Rickie touching her feet. XD
No idea why. I don't think I'll ever watch it again because it was in some way pretty nasty. But still kind of... good. Uh.

The Prince of Tides is on TV. Now that is a nasty movie. Or horrible, rather. *shudder*
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Thornleaf.se My own make belief jewelry-label/shitcrap. XD

The layout makes it look like an s&m fanclub, uuuhhh. Oh well. x_x

No real serious shiznit to be honest, I bet a lot of people find my jewelry to be a mockery and all that... I've just started out. Meh. Still learning and all that. Just for fun etcetera.
Just bought the domain a few months back thanks to the Youthful Enterprising course that never worked out, so I thought I should use it atleast.
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What the fuck Anne Rice is a catholic again, she's written books on "Christ our saviour" and will only write books about him from now on D; and Stan Rice has died of braincancer.

Which means: no more Lestat and no more Mayfair Witches. :c

What. the. fuck.

I am so slow keeping up with things man. Stan died in 2002! Jeebus.
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Got an email today saying that applicants are being reviewed. I still have no idea when I'll know if I got in or not. (Game Design and Graphics.)

I don't like sleeping anymore. When I finally do sleep I tend to never get up until 12-14 hours later just because I can't be assed to.

Going to a festival and I'll be seeing MUCC, Dir en grey, Girugamesh, Pain, Bring me the Horizon, various metalbands and Slipknot. I should be psyched. Ugh. 14 hours in a bus to get there.

I need to check through my clothes and sell the shit I don't want. I've promised myself not to buy anything until all the crap is gone. And I really feel like comfortshopping! XD
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oh dear.

Yes, well... I got my prints awhile back. Bought some frames from IKEA and spraypainted them. (I later spraypainted my shelf so it's black now too. It features three of my favorite bookcovers of three great books; Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, Pandora by Anne Rice and Martin by George Romero, hehe.)

I suppose I should be embaressed that I have an A3 of printed out pictures of John Amplas, Oguri Shun and Kyo hanging beside them, but erhmm.. I don't. XD

I like the fact (note the sarcasm) that I only have two posters of girls on my walls; Go Go Yubari/Chiaki Kuriyama and Captain Maggot. Hrmpf.

...unless a printed out image of a painting by Trevor Brown counts? Though it's a bit sexistic I suppose.

...yay for ramblings!

ALSO. I FOUND ANOTHER VERSION OF RIGHT WHERE IT BELONGS A FEW DAYS BACK. I'm a horrible Nine Inch Nails fan, I never knew it existed :(

It's sooo beautiful. Bawww. ;____;

Right where it belongs is one of my favorite NIN songs. Ever. (which is saying a lot since I can't even pick my favorite album!)
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I'm having a bit of an identitycrisis again. I love lolita, I really do. But for some reason I always try to fit into sweet lolita even though I really do not fit in it, I don't feel comfortable and it's just not me at all.

Sweet lolita in black is fine, but any other color is just... not me.

I used to have more of a grungy/all black style as a teenager. I think I'm going to go back to that. We'll see how it goes...
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in a bubble.

While others my age are busy fangirling the foreverly-17 vampire Edward Cullen, I'm off fangirling the psychoticly disturbed 17 year old boy Martin, who only believes he's a vampire and has to drug his victims to sleep before drinking their blood with the help of a razorblade. (Well, they say in the movie he's in his early 20's, but I've heard people say he's supposed to be 17, so, meh. In this context it works atleast!)

I've found a contact (or maybe he found me. I'm not sure. Perhaps we kind of found eachother?) that works with the wonderful actor-now-teacher John Amplas (that played Martin) and I'll be receiving a some signed prints from him in a few weeks. Of course, I payed for them, but it's still AWESOME.
I'm not sure if it's just that I'm really fucking lucky or that I tend to fangirl artists who are so obscure that there aren't that many fangirls as uhm... fangirly, as myself.
To be honest I don't really care. I'm just so happy that I'll start crying if I think of it too much!